Imagine-It Kid

LEGO® Afterschool Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you obtain your kits from?

The kits we use for our after-school class are specially designed for us and fellow programs by LEGO® Education.

Do you work for the LEGO® Group?

Our programs are independent from LEGO and share no affiliation other than our use of their product.

How often do your classes run?

With the exceptions of holidays and school breaks, each of our classes runs one day a week, eight weeks per trimester, three trimesters a year.

What are the requirements for enrollment?

For our LEGO® Engineering classes, we typically accept elementary students from 2nd-6th grade, and our LEGO® Early Learners classes, preschool-1st grade.  Students should be hard-working, industrious, cooperative with their partners, and have some previous familiarity with how LEGO® bricks work.

What is your class size?

Our classes take a maximum of 12 students to ensure each child receives appropriate help and attention with their projects.

Do students get to keep the projects they make?

Unfortunately, students are not able to take home their projects.  At the end of each class, projects are taken apart and sorted so that they can be used for more missions each week.  However, students do receive LEGO prizes on the last day of class based on their performance during the entire class period.  In addition, pictures of the student’s projects are made available with parent’s permission for download each trimester on the Project Scrapbook Page.